Summary in English

In english.

Keeping healthy the Swedish way

The modern, western way of life with fast food and long work days, mostly spent sitting down and filled with a lot of pressure, requires a strong body to prevent fatigue syndrome and other crises. In Sweden, we traditionally have had a good balance between hard physical work and nutritious food. We have brought this with us into the 2020s and adapted it to today’s living conditions.

Achieve your personal goals
Our philosophy is completely natural and works in peoples every day life. Everyone feels better when they find their sound balance. Our concept for wellness is based on two healthy rules: good eating habits and regular exercise.

The results come fast and will give everyone better conditions and greater strength. Not everyone
becomes a master or is seeking to train at elite level. The important thing is that you can achieve your goals and make you a winner in your life.

Healthy employees pays off
To develop employees in health and lifestyle issues is a worthwhile investment that pays off.

In Sweden it is often mentioned that one Euro invested in structured, planned and targeted preventative health care gives four Euros back. This only refers to the company’s profits. In addition it benefits the individual, families and society.

Profits for the company
• Fewer sick days
• Increased working capacity
• Increased loyalty
• Increased job satisfaction
• Reputation as an attractive employer

Profits for the individual – and the family
• Stronger body
• Healthier – increased resistance against diseases
• Better mood
• Increased mental health
• Increased endurance
• Increased vitality

Profits for society
• Reduced health care costs
• Reduced costs of unemployment and other economic aid
• Increased tax revenue

Personal health with holistic perspective

Our lifestyle programs include
• Personal introduction, support and follow-ups
• Education/lectures about diet, stress and stress management
• Follow-ups with tests and health analysis

• Personal health tests and health analysis
• Training programs
• Personal action plan with goals and milestones
• Education/lectures in training theory
• The connection between exercise and rest
• Exercise and diet
• Measurement of body composition, exercise effects, oxygen uptake

• Basic nutrition theory and energy needs
• Physiology and energy processes:
• What happens when we eat?
• The needs of the human body
• Digestion, absorption of nutrients, metabolism
• Deficiencies and overdosage
• Diet Programs, body composition and diet for maximum performance
• The connection between exercise and diet

This is why our concept works
• We have knowledge and experience we can transfer to others
• We give personal support and inspiration
• We educate our clients; Both organizations and individuals
• We consider the whole picture
• We work both preventive and to restore health
• We live by our own principles